Yamaha DTX562K Electronic Drum Set Review

Drumming can be a make or break element in the making of music. A good drummer can be the key to a wonderful production, but even he knows that without a good set of drums there is only so much that can be done.

Yamaha corporation understands this too and has been a leading player in the production of quality drums for close to half a century. Surely, there must be a reason for such kind of longevity in the industry. Plus some experience racked up. And a good deal of evolution and innovation too!

Speaking of evolution, Yamaha’s steady growth has seen the company transit seamlessly from acoustic to electric drum sets, much to the satisfaction of drum lovers. The DTX562K is arguably the leading design of the manufacturer’s products to this head. It stands head and shoulders above a lot of competition and competes against the finest.
And it comes at a pretty dear cost too!
This detailed Yamaha DTX562K Electronic Drum Set Review seeks to establish the strong and weak points of the set in order to help buyers make an informed decision before forking out a fortune.


The DTX562K has borrowed a lot from the previous models of Yamaha electronic drum sets. It has taken all their great features in its wing and addressed customer complaints to become one of the finest drum sets on the market. This product first graced the market in May 2013. A good three years on the podium in this age of technological evolution goes to show that this is a top-drawer drum set.
The drum pads feel great, the ease of play is awesome and the width provides a comfortable area of play even for the most vigorous drummers. The set’s outlook is pretty much similar to that of other 400X and 500x models, save for the slightly larger size and an LCD display o the sound module.
Most improvements, however, lie in the module itself. The software is a huge upgrade and provides endless possibilities. Where previous models offered tens of sounds, for instance, the DTX562K has them in the hundreds- 691 to be specific. Thes sounds can be modified and synchronized to come up with thousands of tones. This means the DTX562K gives you the ability to produce sounds that have never been heard before!
There are 11 jack ports to which the drum sets can be attached to the module. The wide rack also allows for the addition of an extra cymbal or pad for drummers who want to stretch their practice beyond its already astounding original capability.


A Yamaha DTX562K Electronic Drum Set Review delivery package is a box measuring 77.3 by 41.3 by 26.8 inches ( 196.3 cm x 104.9 cm x 68.07 cm) and weighing 52.1 pounds (23.6 kgs). The size alone tells you this is a much bigger instrument than your average drum set. Inside the solid packaging, you will find:
Drum pads
There are four pads for snare and tom functions. All pads are DTX type, with a spongy feel when playing. The material is strong and durable, yet responsive to configuration and drumming.
A KP65 kick pad that can work with a double kicker pedal (Not included) is also included.
Two Chalkable, mutable 3-zone cymbals form part of the front mounting. These can be mute during play-alongs.
A third vertical motion hi-hat cymbal is also packed. This one has a pedal of its own that is attached to the base of the steel hi-hat stand.
A button-and-screen display module is used to control configurations on the drum set. There are 12 buttons for power, mute, training, recording, menu and other configurations. The commands executed through these buttons appear on the miniature LCD display.
The module also has ports for headphone and auxliary outputs to be used during silent and performance drumming respectively. A USB port is used to communicate with external storage devices- saving recordings or importing music.

The module provides over 691 drum sounds which can be combined to produce different acoustic tones.


This is one of the priciest Yamaha electronic drum sets. It retails for around $1500 on Amazon and a similar range on most online stores. There is free shipping within the US and Canada, but a shipping fee will be accrued when sent to other destinations.
There is an optional accident protection plan – $25 for three years and $220 for four years.
The set is regarded as a high-value product and thus requires a signature upon receipt.
There are not many people willing to let go even of their three-year-old DTX562Ks, but you could always land a deal if you keep an eye on the drumming circles.


– Fair price. Well, $1500 is not your everyday fair, but the performance and durability of the drum set make the price a bargain.
– Numerous sound capabilities. There are over 691 pre-installed sounds that can be overwritten, edited or changed. They can also be combined to produce thousands of hybrid tunes.
– The high-quality sound and ease of play will have musicians falling in love with this set
– Highly sensitive, tough drum pads mean this set is bound to last


– Does not have training sessions. This makes the DTX562K unsuitable for beginner drummers
– Does not include a pedal for the kick pad. Really, when you pay $1500 for a drum set, you don’t want to be buying separate parts
– Accident protection beyond the third year shoots up by over $200


The Yamaha DTX562K Electronic Drum Set review is without doubt one of the best drum sets out there. It has borrowed from and improved on previous models while at the same time incorporating new exciting features of its own. Its pros largely outweigh its cons. The question is not whether it will suit you. Rather, it is whether you will suit it.
The price and capabilities clearly state that this is no drum set for beginners. It is a product built with serious, skilled drummers in mind. It will be a great investment for professional drummers. Music institutions that intend to attract the best students and churn out top-deck drummers will also find the Yamaha DTX562K electronic drum set to be a worthy investment. The $1500 purchase price will prove to be shrewd two or three years down the line.

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