Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Set Review

Yamaha has been around for a while with notable productions in the line of musical accessories. The company has especially been phenomenal in the manufacture of drums and pianos. They have dedicated an entire department of research to help them stay abreast of the most innovative designs and functions.

The result has been a continuous and ever-improving line of instruments which have in turn made them popular with buyers across the globe. The 400 series of electronic drums have especially been fast moving. There have always been new improvements to every release. Yamaha instruments are largely designed for people who are not afraid to make a substantial investment in their music.

This article focuses on the DTX450K, a next-generation model in the 400 series of electronic drum sets. Read this detailed Yamaha DTX450k Electronic Drum Set Review to understand the great and the maybe not-so-great issues to help you decide whether it is a worthy investment.


The DTX450K is the most advanced model in Yamaha’s 400 series of electronic drum sets. Yamaha took into account user concerns from the previous models and incorporated improvements to come up with what is easily a market leader in its category. The set was first released in 2013 but has continued to dominate the field over the years.

This customizable drum set is a combination of drum pads, cymbals and a pedal for the bass drum. One major complaint that has bedeviled electronic drums is that they take away the authentic feel of playing conventional drums. e-drums, often referred to as ‘drums with brains,’ have been blamed for taking away the drummer’s creativity and producing a plastic feel.

The DTX450K has made a great effort to tackle this concern. It is played in the same conventional style- drumsticks and pedal- and the skill level of the player can be easily discerned.



There are three large cymbals (10”) which can be adjusted in different positions to suit the player. A HiHat cymbal is also included.

Tom pads

The tom pads measure 7.5 ” and are made of tough, durable material without sacrificing sensitivity.


The set has ten each of pre-installed songs, play-along songs and training functions. The drum function can be muted and these pre-installed songs played on their own.

The training functions offer an interactive function with clear, easy to understand voice instructions.

All kits that come installed with the DTX450K can be edited to suit a particular drummer’s preferences. Those who feel that these kits do not fit their tastes or skill level have an even greater degree of freedom in the form of an overwrite option.

Extra songs can be added using the available USB MIDI port.

There 197 sounds in the drum-trigger module that offer a virtually limitless variety of combinations.


The set is mounted on a solid steel rack that offers great stability. The rack in the DTX450K is wider than in previous models, which makes it easier to drum all around.

Kick Pedal and Bass

The pedal offers the most authentic feel of drumming as it is used to incorporate the bass pad into the drumming experience. the pedal is an original Yamaha FP6110A and the bass pad is a KP65.


An H65 hi-hat control panel makes for easy configuration. The LED lighting on the control buttons makes it easy to notice any settings that may be interfering with the intended sound production.

iOS Apps

The apps are also pre-installed. They are key in making configurations to suit a drummer’s needs and also in accommodating upgrades to the drum set.


There are two buying options – a stand-alone set or a drum kit bundle that also includes a seat and headphone set. The drum kit on its own retails for around $600 while the bundle goes for around $690. An optional accident protection plan is also available. A three-year plan costs $13.96 while a four-year plan goes for $84.99.

Amazon allows a credit purchase over a one year period. This option is subject to credit clearance.


– Improvement on other models in the series

– Headphone and PA compatible. This allows the set to be used for performances or for silent practice when a player needs to avoid causing a disturbance.

– Offers the option to upgrade both the drum set and capability. Drummers can include extra cymbals, download and overite songs or even edit the presets.

– The two buying options make the set a viable buy for both beginner drummers and people who are adding to or upgrading an existing collection

– MIDI enabled drum kit makes it possible to produce a variety of sounds

-Bass pad and pedal give the authentic feel of conventional acoustic drums


– It is a pretty costly investment especially for novices and non-performing drummers

-The set only supports iOS apps

– The cost rises sharply when increasing the protection plan from three to four years


Yamaha’s contribution to the world of musical instruments cannot be overstated. The dedication to research and innovation, coupled with a wealth of experience, makes the company one of the leaders in that line of production. The Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Set is yet another quality product to this end.

Retiling at $600, this is clearly not the cheapest drum set on the market. But the quality and durability it offers make it worth every last cent of that money. This is a fine addition to have in your collection of musical instruments even if it means saving up or stretching your budget a little.



This set may not offer the best value for absolute drumming beginners as they will find it hard to exploit its best features. Also, starting out with a brainy drum set limits learning to some extent. The best way to set out on this journey is to find an acoustic set (which will be much cheaper) and use it to learn the basics.



Intermediate level and skilled drummers will, however, find numerous benefits in this set. The Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Set review will offer valuable improvement lessons even to drummers who think they have seen it all. It has proven to be steadily dominant in the face of new models and doesn’t appear to be stopping soon. This drum set comes highly recommended.


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