Yamaha DTX430K Electronic Drum Set Review

Yamaha’s line of musical instruments ranks in a class of its own, but the corporation keeps outdoing itself at every turn. The introduction of the 400 series of electronic drums in the early years after 2010 was a great gift to drummers across the world.

The DTX 400 was the first in this line of products and has been the baseline for other improvements over the years. The DTX430 is one of these improvements. It was a hit -even literally- immediately after release and has retained a considerable degree of popularity years later,

So what is all this fuss about a drum set? What is so special about it? Is it so good to the level of perfection or does it have its own shortcomings? And who is it suited for anyway?

Well, this detailed Yamaha DTX430K review is written to answer those exact questions. It is a combination of experience, research, and feedback from users so it is about the most accurate review you will find around the interwebs. Whether you are a novice drummer, seasoned player or just a music enthusiast, your queries are well covered. Read on…


The DTX430K entered the market in 2013, only a year after Yamaha had introduced the DTX 4000 series. It was an improvement in response to users’ feedback and was often referred to as the DTX2.0. The immediate feedback was that players (mostly new and intermediate) were enjoying a greater potential than they had in the preceding model.

One immediately notable improvement was the expansion to add an extra pad. Many users however insisted that Yamaha could have done better on the drum set’s width to increase the comfort of play.

It operates on the same DTX400 module of sound and uses iOS up to set up configurations in the variety of sounds and songs available.

Operation is done using push buttons. It is compatible with iOS devices on which its apps need to be installed. A connection is done through a USB cable attached to the drum set’s port. These apps are free and a download link is available upon purchase.

The ease of assembly is an especially great feature of the DTX430K. No special tools or knowledge will be needed to put it together after unpacking. The pads are fastened to their slots using bare hands then each is connected to the module. The module itself is then connected to a PC/phone/tablet and pap! the set is ready to play. When connected, the commands executed on the push buttons reflect on the tablet and vice versa.

This drum set will require a player to get drumsticks separately. It does not have an LCD display.


When you order a Yamaha DTX430K, you will receive a sealed box that weighs around 53.2 (24.1 kgs) Pounds. The drum set itself, however, weighs 38.5 pounds (17.4 kg). The entire package measures 18.9 by 31.5 by 13 inches. The packaging is solid and unlikely to wear out during shipping. Upon opening the package, you will find:

Drum pads

There are four drum pads, each measuring 7 inches (17.8cm) in diameter. The pads are sensitive and tough, which means they are able to produce a high-quality sound for a long time. The sensitivity also means that they require little energy to play.

An extra slot is available for a fourth pad, but this does not come together with the original package. A rim shot pad would fit nicely on the extra slot.

The fifth pad is the bass pad, which also includes a kick pad and a pedal.


Three ten-inch (25.4 cm) diameter cymbals are also part of the set. They are used for different functions- hi-hat, crash and ride. The hi-hat can be placed when it is half open and can also be configured to produce pedal/splash tonal sounds.


A DTY400 module is used to run the drum set’s software. It is a button only console to which the cymbals and pads are attached using cords to any of the nine available ports. It also has a USB port through which it attaches to an iOS device.

There are also ports to connect to headphones for silent practice or PA systems for performances.

Within the module, there are:

– 10 instructional sounds

These make use of sound and the color lights on the buttons to help you improve your drumming. They tell when to increase/decrease tempo and sharpen timings among other techniques. An ‘easy session’ option allows for an error-free confidence-building practice session.

– 10 drum kits

These are configurable kit sounds to make the drum set more suitable for different genres of music. They can be edited or completely overwritten to achieve custom specs for the owner.

– 160+ percussion sounds

There are 169 great drum sounds such as cowbell, percussion, turbulence, and claves and 127 instrument sounds to choose from. These have been selected from common acoustic drum sounds and perfected for the brainy drum set.


The Yamaha DTX430K Electronic Drum Set Review is available for between $540 and $600 on different online stores. Amazon ships the product for free within the US but a shipping fee of up to $31 may apply for shipping to other continents. A one-year warranty is given.

There are also numerous used sets that are still in good condition and available for sale.


– Offers a variety of sounds

– Instructional songs make it a great resource for new drummers

– The percussion sounds offer a genuine feel of acoustic drums


– There are no drumsticks included. it makes little sense to exclude a basic component of drumming from a drum set

– A separate pad would be required in order to play rim shots

– Does not have a display screen


This Yamaha DTX430K Electronic Drum Set Review takes into account both sides of the series drum set. Overall, This is a great set of instruments for drummers who are just pulling through the beginner level and want to grow their drumming skills to professional levels.

The price tag is a bit on the high side, but it’s durability and quality sound make it a worthy investment. It will still be a relevant instrument three or four years down the line and can offer improvement skills even then. This is another win from Yamaha!

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