Sonor Martini Drum Review

Sonor has a rich history in drum manufacturing, which should be little news when talking about a company that has been in existence since 1895. The German manufacturer has stood the test of time and competed favorably against big brands like Yamaha and Casio in all elements. So great is Sonor’s quality that they have at some point been referred to as music’s Rolls Royce.
Little wonder, then, that the release of the Sonor Martini Special edition drum set caused such a furor within the music circles. The little drums became an instant hit with all levels of performers. This was really a big feat for an acoustic drum at a time when electronic drum sets were on a high wave.
Sonor’s insistence on not abandoning acoustic drums in a new era was quite a gamble. It meant they needed to up their game in all areas- looks, sound quality, ease of play, durability, name it- to convince drumming enthusiasts that the traditional drums still had it. The Sonor Martini was especially instrumental in achieving that objective.
So much about the drum’s praises though. Despite being a big hit, you will need to understand the Sonor Martini in greater detail before deciding whether it is the right drum for you.
Here then is a detailed Sonor Martini Drum Review to help you make an informed decision.


The Sonor Martini is a small four-piece drum set produced in China by German manufacturer Sonor. There is a great emphasis on the word ‘small’ in reference to its size as this was a deliberate feature to make it suitable for people performing in limited spaces. It is also a great haul for people who have little trunk space but still want to include their drums in their traveling luggage.
The small size reference is also used as a comparison with this special edition drum set’s amazing capability. With mic expansion, it can be used to great effect even in the largest of concerts. Sonor like to refer to it as the tiny drum with a giant attitude; you can’t say that reference is inaccurate after playing or listening to the drum.
The drum set includes two tom pads a snare, and a bass drum. The bass can also be adjusted to act as a tom pad depending on the type of drumming session. All drums can be tuned to produce great sounds for different music genres- rock, jazz, country, pop name it. A tunesafe feature assures a drummer that there will be no unwelcome tonal variations even when the drum is played with vigor and/or for a long duration. Supporting hardware and cymbals are sold separately.
A bonus feature of color variety and changes under different lighting makes the Sonor Martini Drum Review even more exciting. This comes from the thin, cross laminated shells that form part of the drum set’s body. The shells allow the drum to produce a punchy sound with lots of quality resonance.
Selling in the range of $450-$500, this is a budget set for all types of drummers. Still, several users have pointed out that it would have made more sense to include the drum’s hardware in the package even if it means a making slight increase in price.


When you order a Sonor Martini Drum, you will receive a simple package measuring 18 inches by 17 inches by 33 inches (45 cm x 43 cm x 83 cm). It is decent package in a sturdy box that won’t tear in the process of normal shipping. Inside this package, you will find:

Tom drums

There are two toms- a floor tom and a rail tom. The smaller rail tom measures 8 inches diameter by 8 inches depth (20.3 cm). The floor tom is slightly larger, measuring 13 inches in diameter and 10 inches in depth (33 cm x 25.4 cm). The shells of these toms are made of cross-laminated poplar to help produce a punchy output.

Snare drum

This is a steel drum that measures 12 inches in diameter and 5 inches in depth (30 cm x 12.7 cm). The steel has a shiny outer finish on the shell. This drum produces round and crisp tones with every hit. It is adjustable to suit a specific genre of music.

Bass drum (kick)

The bass forms the largest item in the set and literally takes in all the other items in the package. It has a 14-inch diameter and a 12-inch depth (35.6 cm x 30.5 cm). It has a raiser and mount included.
All these drums have a rim finish which is available in red galaxy, turquois galaxy, and gold galaxy colors. The shell has a blue sparkle color that appears to change color under different lights. It produces a silver hue when placed under blue light and looks green when placed under yellow light.


A new set of Sonor Martini’s will cost you between $450 and $500 depending on your chosen store. Amazon sells for $499 and offers free shipping across the United States and Canada.
Used sets are also available for anywhere around $350. It is important to have a money back agreement when buying a used set in case it does not satisfy you.


– Friendly cost that makes them affordable for all categories of drummers
– Tunesafe feature ensures the drums retain the same tune throughout a playing session
– Miniature standard makes the Sonor Martini an easy haul and adaptable to small stages
– Available in a variety of colors which change hues and produce a sparkle under different lights


– Does not have cymbals and supporting rails- the exclusion of essential accessories is an inconvenience drummers can always do without
– Suffers the same shortcoming as other acoustic drums in that it can’t offer an in-built beginner lesson


Sonor has done a great job of keeping acoustic drums relevant in the face of the electonic takeover, and the Martini is just another win. The drum emphasizes on saving space while at the same time retaining the quality of sound. This makes it ideal for little stages and easy hauling.
The size does not affect the width of playing area either. A drummer is free to purchase a rack of their preferred width and may also expand the set with cymbals which are not part of the original package.
That said, drum manufacturers really need to include whole packages in their sets. This set, for instance, lacks an essential accessory- a rack.
The Sonor Martini drum review, however, is unbeatable when it comes to price. It is easily affordable and offers every dime’s worth. This is a perfect drum for drummers of all skill levels who love the feel of traditional drumming.

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